Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wrapper Free Wednesday !

Today at our School we started a trial of bringing our lunches without wrappers or anything that has to be thrown away.

So how does this work?

On Wednesday, week 8, 9 & 10 of this term, all lunchbox’s will be free of all wrappers, glad wrap, snap lock bags and paper wrappers.

Each Wednesday morning the class councillor or teacher checks all the lunch boxes of the students.

If the lunchbox is completely empty then you get your name on a list and at the end when everyone's lunch box has been checked then you add up how many people had no wrappers in their lunchbox and you get 2 house points per person eg. If you have 30 students then that's 60 house points. 

(Teachers are also expected to contribute to the cause as well so you can blame your teacher if you don't get lots of house points)

By the way some teachers take it seriously like ours and he brought a wrapper free lunch so you can't blame him !

Is your school doing anything like this?  We would be interested to hear your thoughts on this subject.

by Dylan room 29 Somerville Intermediate


  1. Our school started 'Nood-Food' last year where we are expecting the children to bring wrapper free lunches. Some people are awesome and do it every day but we still have lots of Glad-Wrap that floats around. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Well done Somerville! I'm sure Wrapper Free Wednesday will be a great success.

    The Juniors at Point View are awesome at Nude Food! They bring their lunch in lots of small plastic containers and any rubbish must go home so we don't have so much rubbish in our bins. One "Nude Food Dude" is chosen each week to receive a prize and the honour of keeping "Bodie the "Nude Food Dude" Surfing Monkey in their room.
    Keep us up to date!
    From Mrs Laburn and Kids with a view

  3. yes we are doing the same thing as you =D

    by Jason room 14

  4. To Somerville

    That is one of the smartest ideas I have ever heard you guys are all really creaive on these sorts of things I wish at Tawa Intermediate we did the same sort of thing because I would be really enjoying that if we did it.
    Keep up the good work.

    From Brittany
    Tawa Intermediate, Wellington, Room 15

  5. hey Somerville
    the thing your doing sounds really cool.and its a great thing your doing for the enviorment to.
    from giorgione tawa intermedit

  6. Hi Somerville

    That a great way to start saving the ennviroment.
    You guys must be really creative to think of that.

    From Nikita
    Room 15
    Tawa Intermediate

  7. Hi Somerville,

    That was a really cool blogpost, I really liked how you have wrapper free wednesday every week. Personaly I think that your idea to help save the enviroment. Great Job!!!

    From Lele, Room 15.
    Tawa Intermedtiate