Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Enviro Week

It is important that we don't litter. To encourage this,we have Enviro Week. It's a week when everyone thinks about looking after planet Earth.We need to save Earth. There are lots of ways to do this. For example,we could turn off lights when we leave a room,and we could also turn off appliances such as microwaves,ovens,etc,to save electricity.

We should reduce,reuse,recycle to decrease the number of rubbish left around for nature.Instead of using a computer you could read a book or play outside to save energy.You could turn the tap off when you're brushing your teeth to save water.You can reuse paper to decrease the number of trees being cut down and increase the oxygen for us,recycle fizzy drink bottles and more.You should give Mother Nature a rest and do it for her.

Teachers and parents are encouraging children to save eletricity because, if no-one in the world  bothers to try, the Earth will no longer be there for our future generations.

Did you know that if we drop our rubbish such as chip packets into the drainit will go into the sea and dolphins and whales and fish who eat it can die?

Make a difference to Earth by doing all the above things.
Remember, every little bit counts!

Room 20 Cyber Kids


  1. If only we could have enviro week every week because we cared about the litter and the recycling all the time. At our school we have 'nude food' where we are meant to bring no rubbish and use containers instead but lots of people still don't do it. What do you do at your school?

  2. Hi there Cyber Kids

    What great thinking! I really like the way that you have thought about so many aspects of the effect that we have on our environment. You are right, we need to think about future generations.

    At our school, we try to be responsible about our rubbish. We don't have 'nude food', but we like to think that we are proud of our rural environment, by not littering in our school.

    Are you proud of your school and its environment?

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  4. WOW! so many ideas. How did you come up with that many ideas? Because I'm interested in the environment too so now I know how to save the environment.

  5. Who would of known that a little bit of litter can the harm the WORLD we are having a planting day at my school and i'm looking forward to it. Calem