Thursday, 7 June 2012

Caring for Our World

If you throw rubbish on the ground, people will not like to come here. - Jade

If you chop the trees down, the plants won't be able to get shade. - Macka

If you cut down trees, we won't be able to breathe. - Jade

We need trees so animals can live in the tree. - Tori

The trees cannot survive if they have been cut down. - Jaide and Joshua

If you cut the trees down, you will die, because the trees give you air, and they might fall on you. - Jaide and Joshua

If you littered in the playground, it would stink. - Danni

We want to show visitors we care. - Hanna

We can't build fires. - Jahziah

We can't do Thinking Maps. - Hanna

If you cut all the trees down, there won't be any monkeys left. - Emer

If you wash your car on concrete, then it goes down the drain and into the river then into the sea and kills all the fish. - Emer

How do trees cover the soil? Brooke

If you cut trees down, Monkeys can't stay alive. - Maggie

If we throw rubbish then we would not get house points. - Nouelle

If we throw our rubbish away and didn't put it in the bin, then we couldn't take Marvin home. - Maggie

If you cut all the trees down it isn't fun. - Maggie

Do you care for our environment?

Marvin's Mindful Monkeys (Year 2)
Maraekakaho School, Hawkes Bay.


  1. You really are extremely 'mindful monkeys' - what awesome ideas you have recorded together! Wow! Thanks for sharing your awesome knowledge and thoughts with us all.