Friday, 15 June 2012

The Lorax by Room 11 at PVS


  1. We love the story of the Lorax too! You have made some really cool calendars from the idea. What did you like doing the best?

  2. Hi Room 11,
    Utterly awesome artwork! The Lorax is one of my favourite Dr. Seuss books. I like your use of popula trees and pictures of yourselves. What's your favourite part of this utterly awesome book?

    Yes, I know I've used that phrase 'utterly awesome' about three times now, but it's just so utterly awesome.

    Sammiiee at Tawa Intermediate, Wellington

  3. Hi room 11,

    You guys look so cute and adding your pictures into them make it cool.

  4. Hi Room 11

    I love your artwork it looks awesome.
    I love the Lorax movie, I like your use of different colours they all look great.
    Keep up the good work.

    From Nikita
    Room 15
    Tawa Intermediate

  5. Hi Room 11,

    Your art work is the bomb, I really liked how you displayed the Lorax in woundeful art work. I bet no one else could display wounderful art work and the Lorax like the way you did!!!

    From Lele,
    room 15,
    Tawa Intermediate:)