Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Here at Pinehill School we take looking after the environment seriously.  We do a lot of things to keep our school and the environment clean.

Here are a few things we do around the school:

- We have painted the drains to remind people that these drains only drain rain!
- We sort our rubbish with paper and cardboard boxes separately so they can be recycled properly.
- Walking to school is promoted at our school so we don't use cars as often.
- We also take our own rubbish from our lunch boxes home.

Yesterday our school was awarded the Gold Travelwise School Award and received an additional Walking Award for 'contribution to creating a walking or scooter culture in the school'.  Here is a picture of our school representatives with these awards.

From Pinehill Room 14
Check out our Wiki for more of our wonderful work here


  1. Hi Room 14,
    That's an awesome acheivement, getting both a gold ravelwise school award and a walking award! I also love your idea of painting the drains! At least then there won't be anything like paint going through our eco-system. How many people do you think are walking to school and do you think we can get most kids in the country to walk at least twice a week?

    From Sammiiee at Tawa Intermediate, Wellington

  2. Hey guys its Nate here from Tawa intermediate you won a very nice award, you guys are lucky I wish our school had won that award.

    Bye Room 14
    From Nate>

  3. We have painted around some of our drains too at our school. We also really like your cool awards - we got a travelwise award too this year. Congratulations!

  4. Hi Room 14
    That's awesome that you got the travelwise award.
    That video you guys have put on your post is really cool.

    From Helen
    Tawa Intermediate, Wellington

  5. hi room 14

    thats awesome thats awesome you got that award.
    that video that you made and put on your blog is awesome.

    from sarah
    tawa intermediate, wellington

  6. Hi room 14

    well done on your fantastic acheivement!those awards are really flashy as well.most of the boys in my class have made a little chant out of your frase 'Reduce,Re-use,Recycle'.now its stuck in my head!Hope you get more awards.

    Sallyann,Room 15,tawa intermediate,wellington!

  7. Hi room 14,

    Your video was awesome guys.
    I like your drains they're very cool.
    I also like the idea of having your whoe school into it.

    Bye Stephen