Thursday, 28 June 2012

Lessons from the Lorax

We enjoyed reading through the posts from other classes.  It's great to see that children all around the country are learning about ways to care for the environment.
We decided that we wanted to think a bit more about the book "The Lorax" because this is one we know very well.
We asked ourselves a question.  "What are the lessons about the environment in The Lorax?"
Our teacher showed us how to upload our pictures to Photo Peach.
The Photo Peach slideshow was a bit fast, so we have a Slide Share show too.  That is cool as well, because it links to other children's work on The Lorax.
Room 2, Grape Reading Group, Kaipara Flats SchoolLessons from the lorax
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Lessons from the Lorax on PhotoPeach

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