Monday, 11 June 2012

Building an EnviroSchool

We are an EnviroSchool and we encourage litterless  lunch boxes. In Term 1 we also had a Waste Audit to measure our waste. Our EnviroSchool follows R-R-R; Reuse - Reduce - Recycle. We  have a Worm Farm to get rid of our food waste. Our school is planning for a Compost bin and vegetable gardens.

Kiwi Kai
Our school is an Enviro this mean that there is no rubbish lying around our school. To keep it this way we have a thing call “Kiwi Kai”. Kiwi Kai in māori means Kiwi food. These litterless lunches help students to care for the environment because they don’t have litter that they would be tempted to throw on the ground.  We have been successful in our idea because children are picking up rubbish that they see on  the ground and there has been a decrease in the amount of rubbish in the landfill bin.

Worm Farm/Compost
In term 1 we did a waste audit and found our school makes lots of food waste so we decided we needed a worm farm. All food scraps go into a small bin which gets dumped into the worm bin each day.             The worms eat all the rubbish they produce worm tea and castings,we save the worm tea to feed the vegetable gardens. We have just got our worm farm a few days ago.It is working really well we have produced half a litre of worm tea.

Veggie Garden
At HPS we are designing a vegetable garden. The plant/seedling group are researching plants for our garden. We also have a construction team, without them we would have nowhere to grow our seeds and plants. In our veggie garden we plan to plant vegetables such as peas, broad beans, winter lettuce, carrots, onions, radish and more to come. Once we start harvesting our garden we plan to cook, sell and eat our produce.

You can read more about our learning on our blog.


  1. we have a hive and node food too

  2. It's cool to see your gardens growing and developing. What are some of the challenges you are having to overcome with all of the preparation and planning involved? Have you had lots of people interested in what you are doing?