Monday, 4 June 2012

Enviro Week

Enviro week is about caring about nature - Olivia, Samantha and Lucy, Room 14, Point View School


  1. Dear room 14
    Yes,it is very important to not litter .We need to take care of our planet and to not treat it as our trash can.It's good to give mother nature a break.

    From room20 cyber kids

  2. Hi room14,
    I agree.We need to take care of planet Earth.We need to reuse,reduce,recycle.It's very important that we give Mother Nature a rest.

  3. Dear room 14 I am Giane from Mrs McGhie's classroom.I think that you are right that Enviro week is about caring about the nature.You know that we shouldn't be treating the enviroment like a rubbish bin,we should be taking care of the enviroment.

    Fr Giane and

  4. Hi room 14,
    Yes, it is true that we need to take care of the enviroment.We shouldn't treat mother nature like she is our garbage can, we should treat her the way we are supposed to be treating her. We need to take better care of the enviroment and not trow our rubbish out the window.

    Fr, room 20 cyberkids