Monday, 6 August 2012

Olympic Badminton

Today we met Daniel Shirley. He is an olympian badminton player and played in the Athens Olympic Games. He started playing lots of other sports from when he was 8, but badminton was his favourite.

You play badminton with a racquet and shuttle and you hit it to each other over a net. To win a game you score the most points, it also has a time limit.

Daniel said to become an Olympic champion you need to train a lot. Daniel trained very hard, 6 hours a day, every morning before and after school. He also said that you should show the Olympic values of respect, excellence and friendship.

We loved talking to Daniel and he inspired us to try badminton and be our best.


  1. That must be so special to meet a real Olympian! WOW! What were the types of questions that you asked him? We are working on interviews and would like some ideas.

  2. Thats Great! I'm big fan of Daniel Shirley. His Badminton Rackets has magic. You are lucky person met Daniel Shirley. My bad luck I never met....:(